In Middle East and Asia Pacific Regions, this Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry has been increased rapidly, it has further led to an increase in the demand of Talented candidates who have growth potential and possess a deep and focused understanding of the industry at various levels. With Lansima, we can bridge the gap between the talented Job seekers and Employers in facilitating their both needs. We support and enable both of them to post the resume and retrieve it in time saving manner where the recruiters can absorb candidates with high level of professionalism and analytical and innovative approach.

We provide candidates for the various job openings in this industry such as :
* Physicians
* Surgeons
* Nurses
* Medical Representatives
* Para Medical Staff
* Lab Assistants
* Professors
* Research Associates
* Anesthesiologist Technicians
* Specialists like cardiologists,
Dentists, etc. * Biological and Medical Scientists
* Medical Transcriptions
* Blood Bank Technology Specialists
* Health Information Technicians
* Cardiovascular Technicians
* Medical Social Worker
* Physical Therapists
* Sales representatives
* X-ray man
* Compounders

Having the desirable experience in the industry, we have the potential and the trained eye to identify the right candidate, keeping in mind your specifications like level of expertise, compensation, flexibility to work in shifts etc.

We also make complete arrangements for interview as per the mutual convenience of the employer and the prospective employee and various value added services. The aim is to match the best candidate with the vacancy available.