Airline or Aviation sector is witnessing a surge of increasing interest and awareness among the Job seekers. With global liberalization and opening up of sector for private players, the industry has gained momentum. This has contributed to a significant rise in the employee base in the airline industry and the industry is in need of a growing number of employees.

Airlines Firms are beginning to recognize the real cost of poor selection of candidate. Clients are avoiding the mistakes of hiring the unsuitable candidate (which results in high staff turnover with the consequential costs – wasted time, money, disruption and absent resources) and With Lansima Consultant, the prescreening and recruitment process to Indonesian candidates can assist EMPLOYER to source and conduct large scale recruitment campaigns.

There are major job categories in airline industry that can be source from Lansima Consultant :
* Air Traffic Controller
* Air hostess/Flight Attendent
* Flight Operator
* Ground Operator
* Maintenance Personnel
* Management personnel
* Training Captains
* First Officers
* Flight Engineers
* Sheet metal workers
* Licensed engineers
* Fitters / Mechanics
* Planners
* Electricians / Painters
* Maintenance

Indonesian Marine & Shipping Crew
PT. Lansima is also provide professional recruitment service for shipping industry. As a leading Indonesian Crewing Agency , we offer Crew manning service as well as other service in maritime related area of business. We understand that the recruitment of well-qualified seafarers is of vital importance to efficient and safe shipping and the need of ship owner. We would like to advice you that PT.Lansima in Indonesia can supply fully qualified indonesia crews or seafarers with some of rank (Stewards, Cooks, Laundrymans, Utilities, Dishwashers, Bosuns, Quartermasters, A/B, O/S, Oilers, Wipers, Fitters, Etc) When required by Our files who have been experianced, trained and received certificates in accordance BST, SCTW and other International conventions in International cultural Crews on various vessel : Cruise Ship, Container, Cargo, Tanker, Bunker, Drilling, Supply Boat, Oilrig, Etc. With Safety a priority on all Your vessel, Our crews are carefully selected to meet the particular requirement of certain vessel. One of Our priorities is to create company seafarers for each particular Owners we working for. We would like to extend Our business link and find more for Our crews. PT.Lansima is ready to Co-operate with You and have pleasure to offer Our crewing service of any of Your requirement at reasonable and Free Of Charge as well as We can operate as Your agent in Indonesia. We believe that Our agency can be really Your dependable partner in maritime crewing. * Consultant Naval Architects

* Yacht Builders
* Marine Equipment Designers
* Blue Water Ship Owners, Operators and Charterers
* Dock Engineer · Dock Master
* Onshore Marine coordinator
* Engineer Superintendent Aberdeen
* Marine Safety & Quality Manager
* Engineer Superintendent Please send your crew personel Inquiry at: [email protected]

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